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Career Counseling

Discovering Your Soul's Work, our 10-session career transition process helps you discover creative, fulfilling and meaningful work. Our intensive program integrates Jungian psychology, Eastern philosophy and traditional career development, revealing true calling by focusing on times of joy and aliveness, success patterns and themes, core values and authentic self. We then create an action plan for taking concrete steps in today's job marketplace. Weekly one-hour sessions are conducted in person or by phone.


Personal Coaching
Life coaching offers a practical and spiritual approach to creating the life you really want. The initial focus is on tapping inner wisdom and examining true values, goals and priorities; weekly phone sessions create the structure to support you in achieving success, balance and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

Entrepreneurial/Executive Coaching

Workshops and Seminars

Creating Meaningful Work at 50 and Beyond

So many of us in middle age and beyond yearn for more creativity and engagement in our lives, for deeper connection to others and community, and for meaningful work. And, the economic downturn and increased longevity have created a need for many of us to earn additional income.

In this new and dynamic career and life-visioning workshop, we will explore what makes us truly alive, what is calling us at this point in our lives, and possibilities for an encore career. We will look at traditional and emerging careers, at project and consulting work, and at many entrepreneurial options for people over 50. Then, we will clarify our vision and create an action plan to take concrete steps to make our dreams a reality.

Discovering Your Soul's Work

So many of us go from job to job, from career to career and never really find the satisfaction we’re looking for. We fail to listen to that voice inside that knows what we are meant to do. In this class, we will start with the assumption that we all have special gifts that we need to express in this world. When we deny these talents we destroy our spirit. When we honor the wisdom of our inner voice, we will know our own answers. What makes me feel most alive and joyful? How can I make a difference and feel that my work is part of some greater plan or purpose? Through the use of journaling, guided imagery, experiential exercises and discussion of current and emerging fields, we will explore our vocation or calling. We will then create an action plan to take concrete steps for today’s job market.

Career Options in Changing Times

We live in an age of uncertainty, fluctuating between fear and hope. What will happen to our careers and jobs? How can we find opportunities in adversity? What are the best current career choices? How can we reconcile our desire to do creative and meaningful work with the realities of today’s job market? This evening, Allie Roth, career coach and long-time Open Center teacher, offers us a lively talk and discussion about current employment data and her personal observations of growth opportunities. We will look at “green” jobs, careers in alternative healing, teaching and counseling, entrepreneurship, the non-profit realm, and more. Above all, we will focus on how we can take our strengths, backgrounds and deeper values and transfer them to new, viable careers now and in the future job market.

Living with Passion in the Wisdom Years

Are you looking at a second or third career, or facing retirement? Is there a disconnect between the dreams you have for your life and the life you're actually living? Those of us in the second half of our lives often feel that our richest years and greatest contribution are yet to come. No longer defined by external standards of a perfect body, being a good parent and career success, we are liberated to be and express our authentic selves, spend time on long neglected creative pursuits, and draw upon our life experience to pursue work or projects that are most meaningful to us. Yet all too often we are so swept up in the frenetic pace of life today that we don't take time to ground ourselves and tap into the wisdom and power of elderhood. Allie Roth will lead a day of self-inquiry, journaling, and sharing of our stories. We will look more deeply at what is most important to us, and what will be the legacy we leave to others and the world. We will explore opportunities- paid or unpaid--that enable us to fulfill our personal mission and express the wisdom of our life experience. Together we will discover what it is to be truly alive and to call forth our own and each other's greatness.

Taking Care of Business, Taking Care of Self

Are you working harder and enjoying it less? Do you have difficulty finding time for yourself and for doing the things you love to do? Do you feel out of balance in your life and work? Often our reaction to stress is to work harder and push ourselves to get results. And yet this often has the opposite effect! By taking time for ourselves- for healthy eating, self-nurturing, rest, and creative pursuits, we become much more efficient, creative and productive in our work.

In this workshop we will:
  • identify where we go off-track and feel stressed and overwhelmed at work
  • reframe success and productivity at work as a direct result of mind/body/spirit fitness
  • identify what truly nourishes and energizes us
  • learn specific exercises and techniques to transform stress and burnout to creativity, balance and joy in work and life.

Reinventing Your Self and Your Career

In this time of turbulent change- in technology, the economy, and in our lives- traditional career paths may no longer work. This workshop enables you to examine fixed notions about work and redesign a life of meaning, balance, simplicity and contribution. Using meditation, experiential learning, concrete problem solving and action planning, you will begin to align your career with your passion, expand your range of choices, and create a path of contribution to your community and to the planet. This fresh approach to career and life planning draws upon new thinking in ecopsychology, spiritual development, simple living, and workplace trends.

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