Center for Creativity and Work
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“Thanks for all your help and support. I thought that I no longer wanted to work in the business world but now I love my job and feel motivated, challenged and appreciated again.”
Training Manager, Time Inc.

“You are a genius! Profound insight into a person’s soul and true purpose. You saw me helping others toward their own self-realization before I could see it.”
Yoga Teacher & Photographer

“The hours we spent together were very helpful to me in clarifying goals and aspirations, and your counsel was instrumental in administering that final push to act. I am very grateful.”
Entrepreneur, International Finance

"An excellent instructor, Allie showed competence, enthusiasm, knowledge and a genuine interest in the group."
Financial Executive, CItigroup

"Just a short note to tell you how warm, enthusiastic and personal you make our sessions... Losing a job after 29 years has caused me a lot of mental and physical distress, but I know I'll overcome. Thank you for your encouragement. While it is part of your job, I never felt that it was anything but genuine. You are great!"
Line Manager, NBC

"Allie was terrific! She created an atmosphere of positive, warm energy and the participants shared openly from their own experience."
Human Resources Manager, AT&T

"An excellent course. It was to our benefit to have Allie Roth as our instructor. She is very creative, has a good psychological approach to the material. She put us all at ease and we felt she was one of us."
Systems Analyst, American Brass

"Allie Roth was the most positive and vibrant leader I have ever seen. Her enthusiasm and positiveness was infectious. She made us face and accept our situation and anger, and, in time, transformed these into a positive attitude."
Marketing Representative, ABC

"When I first came to see you, I had my own business that I did not take very seriously... I felt discouraged and unproductive... With your help I have been able to prosper in my business, feel more secure in myself and get my life in order. For all this I am very grateful."
Business Owner, Promotional Products

"Allie understands corporate machinations, politics, management attitudes and expectations. That understanding, along with her positive energy and empathetic nature, supported me in taking educated risks and stands that have been key to my professional evolution."
Director, New Franchise Operations, Fortune 100 Company

"The counseling really helped me through a rough time and... has given me the energy, ability and direction to take charge and create the kind of life I want."
Real Estate Salesperson

"I can think of no one more qualified than Allie Roth in career counseling..."
Manager, Video Production/Distribution

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